November 30, 2020

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They propose to reverse zoning in 43 plots of the Ecological Corridor of San Juan

The House of Representatives evaluates a project in which it is proposed to reverse the zoning or land use allowed in 43 private plots of the Ecological Corridor of San Juan for allegedly lacking value Natural.

House Bill 2575, authored by Carlos "Johnny" Méndez and Juan Oscar Morales, was filed yesterday, Wednesday, and referred to the Government Commission.

San Juan Ecological Corridor was created by virtue of Law 206-2003 and on its land there is a "total and absolute" prohibition on the granting of construction permits. Since many of the land in the area was private, the law empowered the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DRNA) to design a plan for its acquisition and expropriation.

According to the explanatory memorandum of the Project of Chamber 2575, the 43 parcels in question "had been impacted by human activities" before the signing of Law 206-2003. These include earthworks, construction of streets and curbs, and “other typical activities of urban development.”

“Several of these plots had a formal extraction permit, others had a construction permit, and over 40 plots were segregated in plots for the development of an urbanization ”, reads the measure

“ Those 43 plots have not only already been impacted by anthropogenic activities, but they also have little ecological value, since, due to the compaction of the land and the deposit concrete on land, (se) has severely limited ecosystem development. They are lands with little ecological value, which were repopulated by few species of grass and where the scarcity of trees has been noted, "he adds.

If it becomes law and the reversal of zoning is carried out, the land in the 43 parcels would not be subject to the expropriation process and certain developments could be allowed.

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