June 15, 2021

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They question the mayor of San Germán for hiring a company that would be linked to Rivera Schatz

The new mayor of San Germán, Virgilio Olivera, was questioned for hiring the company L&R ​​Consultant Group which, according to the former candidate for municipal legislator Geraldo “Jerry” Acosta, would be linked to donors of the senator’s campaign Thomas Rivera Schatz.

The former candidate to the Municipal Legislature for the Citizen Victory Movement asked for explanations about the analysis process for the election of the company and the need for the services it offers.

“After the avalanche of accusations in relation to the hiring of the company, we undertook the task of investigating further and here are the results. L&R Consultant Group, LLC is a company registered under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico with an incorporation date of November 4, 2020, hours after the general elections. Also, that its founder is Roberto Carlos Mejill Ortiz donor of the campaign of Thomas Rivera Schatz, advisor to the Senate of Puerto Rico until December 2020 at a rate of $ 2,550 per month, former candidate by accumulation in 2008 and person with an interest in occupying the vice presidency of the New Progressive Party for the year 2013 ”, he explained Acosta in a press release.

According to the Comptroller’s Office, the company obtained the contract on January 11 for six months and a payment of $ 170,000.

“This contract is an atrocious, exorbitant and abusive one, especially when our people are still waiting for the solution of pressing problems such as garbage and its collection,” said the former candidate.

“When we made ourselves available to run for a political position in San Germán, we did so under the premise that, whether he won or not, he would control whoever was elected and would provide our people with evidence for trial,” said the doctor, too. in medicine.

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