April 18, 2021

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They recommend the test for the asymptomatic | PRESENT

The decision to continue carrying out the coronavirus test even when the person does not have symptoms is correct and should be maintained as the standard in the protocols to follow to keep contagion with this deadly virus at bay.

This was expressed yesterday the infectologist Humberto Guiot, who is part of the medical advisory group appointed by Governor Wanda Vázquez to handle the pandemic on the Island.

“We understand that this is a good decision. In this pandemic, it has been proven that asymptomatic carriers of the virus are the engine of the epidemic and can cause additional infections. So we strongly agree with the position that those people who are in contact with someone with a confirmed disease can undergo the test even when they do not have symptoms, "he indicated in an interview with EL VOCERO . [19659002] "The American Association for Infectious Diseases recommends that people who have had contact with a positive person (Covid-19) be tested, even when they do not have any symptoms, and issued a communication indicating that those tests should continue "Said Guiot.

The Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González, indicated that Puerto Rico will not follow the new guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English) on when tests will be carried out. detection of Covid-19.

CDC guidelines were altered to not recommend testing for asymptomatic people even if they have had contact with a positive case. It is already known that asymptomatic people can infect other people, for which they are recommended to remain in quarantine even if they do not have symptoms compatible with Covid-19.

On the island, 424 confirmed and probable deaths from Covid-19 have been reported . There is an executive order in effect until September 11 that maintains the curfew and the closure of several businesses, as well as a more restrictive closure on Sundays.

Guiot indicated that not enough time has passed yet to determine if this closure has It has been effective in reducing the contagion curve.

“To be able to evaluate the effect of an order we need, at least, 10 to 14 days, so it is still too early to be able to evaluate the effect of an order. We have seen a lot of fluctuation in cases. One day there were three confirmed cases and the next day it rose to 400. It is important to see the average after several days, "he said.

Says no to agglomerations

He recalled that regarding the campaigns elections, the recommendation remains to avoid activities where there is an agglomeration of people. The primary of the New Progressive Party (PNP) left a balance of at least 20 infections among its leadership.

“We have always said that all mass events should be disallowed, including demonstrations, campaigns, any event that encourages the agglomeration of people "He expressed.

" We have also recommended that an advertising campaign should be carried out as soon as possible, as there was in his time against dengue and as we have had for other situations, "added the infectologist.

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