March 5, 2021

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They reinforce monitoring at the airport | government

A total of 253,174 (95%) of the passengers who have arrived on the island through the Luis Muñoz Marín airport in Carolina have been monitored through the digital platform SARA Alert (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant), the epidemiologist confirmed yesterday from the Department of Health, Miriam Ramos.

In statements to the press, Ramos reported that the remaining 5% is equivalent to passengers calling in Puerto Rico. However, he admitted that of the travelers who arrive in the country, only 22.3% arrive with a negative Covid-19 molecular test, while the remaining 77.7% select the option of quarantining because they are residents or traveled to the island to visit a family member.


If the person does not comply with the mandatory 14-day quarantine, they are in violation of the executive order.

Ramos said that if the person does not comply with the mandatory 14-day quarantine, he is in violation of the executive order due to the coronavirus, but he accepted that Health does not have enough staff to go to the home of the 3,000 to 6,000 travelers who They arrive daily in Puerto Rico to verify if they are complying with the closure.

However, as part of the monitoring carried out, 242 positive cases of travelers have been detected – confirmed and probable. It is estimated that 2.9% arrive with symptoms associated with Covid-19 and 97% arrive without symptoms. Since the initiative came into effect, a total of 164,171 calls have been made to passengers, but only 129,174 have been contacted. On average 2,160 calls are made daily.

Currently, more than 60% of the passengers arrive on the island with the traveler’s declaration completed and those who have not filled it out upon arrival are asked to complete it before leaving the airport. From April 12 to September 30, 46,061 serological tests have been performed there, of which 2,004 have yielded positive results and 44,057 negative. While in the case of molecular tests, 3,152 have been carried out, of which 302 have been positive and 2,850 negative.

Adjust the epidemiological component

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Representative Néstor Alonso (left) with Edwin Mundo, electoral coordinator for Pedro Pierluisi’s campaign.

After anticipating that the number of passengers could double in November and December, Ramos mentioned that they have reinforced the epidemiological component and the educational part. He commented that the number of personnel monitoring travelers will be increasing, which is why 25 additional workers are starting this week.

Currently, the traveler monitoring team is made up of 50 people, plus coordinators and epidemiologists. In addition, the National Guard has more than 200 personnel stationed at the airport.

“The logistics of the airport have been adjusted as the frequency of travelers has changed. However, we keep reinforcing in these next 30 days what is the number of personnel that monitor travelers, because we recognize that what is the season of Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) and Christmas there will be an increase not perhaps of tourists, but people who come to spend (the festivities) with their families, ”he added.

Ramos’ statements emerged during an eye view conducted by the Chamber Commission for Tourism and Social Welfare, chaired by representative Néstor Alonso, regarding Chamber Resolution 196 to review the Covid-19 protocols implemented in the airport facilities. for travelers and employees.

“We want to verify the security measures and the process that is being carried out at the airport – especially with travelers arriving on the island – to prevent the entry of more cases of Covid-19,” said the new-progressive legislator.

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