August 1, 2021

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They report an assault and carjacking on the premises of a pharmacy

He was approached by a man with a knife

Photo: Visualhunt

San Juan – A woman complained that she was assaulted at about 7:11 on Sunday night, while she was on the premises of the Walgreens pharmacy located in the 65 de Infantería shopping center in Río Piedras, police reported.

The victim, Carolyne Pastrana, said that a man with a knife approached her, indicating by threat and intimidation that it was a robbery.

The complainant described the man as thin, fair complexion, light eyes, long hair, and had tattoos on his right arm.

At the time of the events, the man was wearing a shirt that reached the elbow area and a black cap.

The individual managed to seize a black wallet which contained personal documents and a blue Samsung cell phone.

Immediately afterwards, the man took a 2005 white four-door Toyota Corolla vehicle that belonged to the injured party and left the place in a hurry, without causing further damage.

Agents attached to the Río Piedras barracks made a preliminary investigation. The case was referred to the Robbery Division of the CIC of San Juan to continue with the investigation.

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