May 11, 2021

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They report assault on a septuagenarian in Yauco

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YAUCO – The Police are investigating an incident where a man of approximately 70 years of age was injured with a sharp object, events reported at noon on Saturday, September 12, 2020, which occurred in the Río Cañas sector of the Susua Alta neighborhood in Yauco.

According to preliminary information offered by Command Center Personnel, a call to the 911 Emergency System was received, where a man reported that he suffered cuts to his arms and neck.

Agent Marta Angelie Sánchez from the Yauco District appeared at the scene, who interviewed the injured party identified as Encarnación Negrón Vázquez, 70, and who alleged that a man entered the residence and, using a sharp object, attacked him in the area of ​​the neck and arm, subsequently leaving the place.

Negrón Vázquez was transported by Emergency Medical Paramedics to the Yauco Hospital, where he received medical assistance from Doctor Purcell and who diagnosed 3 open wounds in the neck area and a left arm laceration.

The initial investigation is being carried out by agent Marta Sánchez of the Yauco District, in addition, the Criminal Investigation Corps of the Ponce Area was informed, where agents Ana Santiago de Homicide and Doel Santos of Technical Services, are directed to the place for the corresponding investigation.

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