March 5, 2021

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They report murder of a man in Arecibo

The authorities reported today, Monday, that they received a call through the 9-1-1 emergency system about a dead person in branch 6652 of the Abra San Francisco neighborhood, in Arecibo.

According to the authorities, agent Louis Snyder Nieves, of the Arecibo Precinct 107, appeared at the scene, where he found an individual on the side of the road with a bullet impact.

So far, the deceased has not been identified.

Agent Oscar Umaña Pérez, from the Arecibo Area Homicide Division, together with Sergeant Roberto Mercado Román, continues with the investigation together with prosecutor Ilia I. Reichard, from the Arecibo prosecutor’s office.

The Police exhorted citizens to communicate with the Police confidentially if they know of the commission of a crime through 787-343-2020. You can also stay in touch with us on Twitter at @PRPDNoticias and on Facebook www.facebook / prpdgov.

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