August 4, 2021

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They rob a business in Villalba

Villalba – As reported by the Police, a case of robbery was reported in Colmado Núñez on Tuesday afternoon, located on Highway 150 in the Hatillo neighborhood of Villalba.

According to the police report, a complaint of assault was received, where when the complainant, Núñez, was interviewed, he alleged that an individual came to the establishment using a firearm and, by means of threat, stripped him of a cartridge belt which contained inside $ 300 in cash, then he went to the register belonging to Lotería Electrónica, where he appropriated approximately $ 600 of it.

The individual subsequently left the scene in a gray motor vehicle. In the middle of the incident, no one was injured.

Agent Reyes from the Villalba District conducted the initial investigation and referred the Robbery Division, who went to the scene for the corresponding investigation.

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