August 1, 2021

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They seek to collect data on the adult population with intellectual disabilities in Puerto Rico

Given the paucity of updated data on the population of adults with intellectual disabilities in Puerto Rico, these citizens face the lack of accessible services, empowered community homes, and employability opportunities. Likewise, the organizations that provide assistance services to this population lose access to financial funds to continue their programs.

This is why more than 15 organizations have joined the Intellectual Disability Initiative, organized by the digital platform. Puerto Rican Sociants, which seeks to collect data on the needs of the population of adults with intellectual disabilities on the island.

Esther Caro, executive director of the Mayagüezana Association of People with Disabilities, Inc. (AMPI), explained that "we need to expose gaps in social services that are not currently available for this population. We want to promote the employability and development of community homes enabled for adults with intellectual disabilities. To achieve this, we need data. ”

Therefore, it encourages family members or caregivers of adults with intellectual disabilities to share the needs of these individuals through the initiative. First, they must visit to register the adult with intellectual disabilities on the platform; once their information is registered, they will be able to answer the survey to identify their needs through the survey named “Intellectual Disability Initiative.”

“Through the survey, we will be able to collect information on the level of functionality of the individual, where you are and what services you receive, in order to facilitate case management and strengthen the statistics of this population in Puerto Rico, "said social worker Karla Vargas, project manager in Sociants.

They establish a Support Network

Vargas stressed that "the lack of connection and coordination between organizations and the resources available in Puerto Rico has had an impoverishment of the development of adults with intellectual disabilities, as well as their social inclusion." [19659002] To remedy this situation, 15 non-profit organizations that provide resources and assistance services to the population with functional diversity have A digital Support Network has been created. Members of the Network now have a digital platform to manage cases together, allowing them to identify needs of individuals and connect them with the available resources of organizations.

The non-profit organizations that make up the Support Network They are: Mayagüezana Association of People with Disabilities, Inc. (AMPI) in Mayagüez; Instituto Psicopedagógico de Puerto Rico, Inc. in Bayamón; Independent Living Training Institute, Inc. (IAEVI) in Bayamón; College of Special Education and Comprehensive Rehabilitation, Inc. (C.O.D.E.R.I) in San Juan; Help and Therapy Center for Children with Disabilities, Inc. (AYANI) in Moca; My Friends from Down Syndrome, Inc. in Carolina; Margarita Center, Inc. in Cidra; Autenticorillo, Inc. in Barceloneta; Mi Gran Sueño Foundation, Inc. in Aguada; Pre-Vocational and Industrial Institute of PR, Inc. (IPVI) in Arecibo; Fundación Puertorriqueña Síndrome Down, Inc. in San Juan; Association for the Inclusion of Adults with Intellectual Disability, Inc. (APIADI) in Bayamón; Training Center for People with Disabilities, Inc. (CAPII) in Aibonito; and Support for Parents of Children with Disabilities, Inc. (APNI) in San Juan.

The Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Foundation and the company Seriously Creative are also collaborators in the initiative.

“In Sociants we have always had in She realizes that people's needs cannot wait, and collaboration between community providers is essential for social development. Through technology, we support organizations that are helping to connect quickly and easily to the individuals who need them, "Vargas concluded in a press release.

Family members or caregivers of adults with intellectual disabilities Those who need help completing the survey can contact 787-294-5551, or by email: [email protected] If any organization wants to collaborate with the Intellectual Disability Initiative, they can visit / functional-diversity to join these efforts.

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