July 30, 2021

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They seek to merge ASES to the Department of Health

The Senate today approved a project at the request of the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF) that seeks to consolidate the Health Insurance Administration (ASES) to the Department of Health.

The merger is contemplated in the draft budget of central government expenditures approved by the House last night and expected to be considered by the Senate today.

The measure (Senate Bill 1437), passes the scrutiny of the House of Representatives, where it must be approved on the last day to approve measures in the present ordinary session.

The report that accompanies the measure establishes that “in order to achieve savings, efficiencies and agility in the services provided by the government, the Health Insurance Administration is eliminated and delegated to the The Department of Health, through the Auxiliary Secretariat of Health Insurance Administration of Puerto Rico, is entrusted with continuing to administer and implement public policy and functions that until now have been alizada ASES.

Establishes the report that the Department of Health as successor of the commission will continue to perform the functions of said entity by creating the Auxiliary Secretariat for Insurance Administration, without prejudice to the existing obligations, responsibilities and contracts.

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