June 15, 2021

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They seek to provide a safe home for children and youth on the Island | Present

The Families program extended its services to place children and young people in the custody of the Department of the Family in foster homes that provide them with the security and care they need.

For the past two years, the Families program has been dedicated to placing children in therapeutic foster homes benefiting more than one hundred children and youth.

“Families has served well hundreds of children and young people who want a healthy and healthy coexistence in a family environment that provides them with the protection and love they need. We are very happy and excited that this new year we can continue helping many more to find a ray of hope in their daily lives, “said Mara Liz Gómez, program coordinator.

Through Families, the Department of the Family places children and youth in foster care in determining whether the return home will bring them well-being and security or if the opportunity for a new home through adoption is possible.

In addition to the care and attention they receive in their new foster homes, children and young people receive visits from the Families team and participate in special activities in the company of other minors who are part of the program and their families.

“Our children and young people have lived experiences that hurt their lives in some way. At Families we have a team of professionals who work directly with your fears to strengthen your heart so that you can move forward. We are ready to continue responding to requests from sensitive, serious and responsible adults who wish to be considered to be part of our program, ”said Amarilis Ramos, in charge of the project.

He added that “the need to recruit foster parents is constant. If you want to open your home and give a gift of love, you can contact Families at 787 421-3154 ”.

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