February 27, 2021

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They seek to put an end to problems of realengos horses in Salinas

In the absence of a definitive solution from the municipal administration of Salinas, due to the problem of unreached horses that affects citizens, the Municipal Legislator of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Litzy Alvarado Antonetty, submitted an ordinance to prohibit the stay and permanence of equine realengos, tied up and / or grazing, within the public and private territorial limits without authorization.

The Municipal Legislator and candidate for mayor, explained that currently there is no municipal ordinance that specifically addresses, planned and completes the matter of the realengos horses.

“In the absence of a municipal ordinance that specifically, planned and completes the matter of the realengos horses, more than a year ago I proposed to establish a Special Commission to meet with those agencies, organizations or people, including horse riders, who have an interest in contributing to the process. The mayor decided to take administrative actions, and it is obvious that it has not worked, given the evidence shown by residents of various communities and developments that the problem continues. That is why I submitted this ordinance, "Alvarado Antonetty said in written statements.

According to the legislator, to write her proposal, she evaluated how other municipalities have handled the equine issue.

" For example, we made contact with the Commissioner of the Municipal Police of Santa Isabel, where this type of ordinance was put into effect last year, and told us that it has worked very well there. Why can't it work in Salinas? Why don't we take advantage of the experience of other municipalities to implement equal measures in our town? You have to be willing to resolve situations like this, "he added.

The Ordinance presented by the PIP Legislator empowers the State Police, Municipal Police or any other person authorized by law, to seize, take possession and transport any equine realengo, tied up or grazing, that is in public and private areas, without authorization, in the municipal jurisdiction of Salinas.

“The seized equine will be taken to an animal shelter or municipal sanctuary, state or private, observing the faithful compliance with the treatment due to the animals established in Law 154, which is the one that establishes the Welfare and Protection of Animals. We must address the damage caused to private property, road safety and the protection of the horses themselves, "Alvarado emphasized.

Finally, the mayoral candidate assured that she will continue to take actions to address the issue of abandoned animals.

“This ordinance is specific to horses, but we must also address the issue of abandoned dogs and cats on our streets. The difficult situation with abandoned or re-registered dogs is public knowledge. In all communities these animals can be seen in groups, some sick or in poor condition. This has long become a safety issue for both animals and people. We cannot continue delaying the matter, "said Litzy Alvarado Antonetty.

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