July 26, 2021

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They seek to train police officers in first aid for emergencies

Representative Joel Franqui Atiles presented a bill to establish that every member of the Puerto Rico Police must annually certify with a first aid or immediate rescue course in the Medical Emergency Corps.

House Bill 859 further provides that certified officers be provided with first aid equipment so that they can assist in the event of a medical emergency.

“Police officers face emergency situations that can lead to immediate medical assistance. On a daily basis, these men and women expose their lives when they are going to fulfill their duty to ensure the safety of citizens, so acting promptly in the face of an unexpected event can make a difference. This could be the case of another fellow agent who needs urgent medical assistance, people involved in traffic accidents, or any situation that requires first aid care, ”said Franqui Atiles.

“Usually the police are the first to arrive at a scene or an emergency call, before the paramedics. If the agent is trained in first aid, this enables them to give life-saving help in the first few minutes after an emergency. First aid can be the difference between life and death ”, reiterated the legislator.

To this end, the measure establishes that all police officers take training so that they are qualified and prepared to apply first aid when circumstances require it. These emergency situations can be suffocation, severe bleeding, poisoning, fainting, heart attacks, fractures, among others.

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