April 23, 2021

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They seize about 100 kilos of cocaine in Rincón

About 100 kilos of cocaine were seized at around 3:30 am today, Sunday, by agents of the Añasco Maritime Division of the United Forces for Rapid Action, the Police confirmed.

Border Patrol personnel alerted the police that a boat had been seen about six nautical miles from the Rincón dock.

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When the agents arrived at the dock, they found a blue and white boat with a 40-horsepower Yamaha engine and with three men on board. The boat was devoid of navigation lights.

One of the men jumped into the water and fled. The Coast Guard took over the search for that person.

The other two men were arrested. They were found to be undocumented, but the country or countries of origin were not immediately reported.

The Border Patrol, the Federal Anti-Drug Agency (DEA) and FURA Intelligence took charge of those arrested.

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