April 20, 2021

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They set up additional tents in the Medical Center to attend to cases of COVID-19

The hospital of the Medical Center began this afternoon to install new tents to attend to cases of COVID-19, confirmed to Primera Hora the director of Press and Communications of the Administration of Medical Services (ASEM), Jesús Vélez Rosado.

This occurs at a time when Puerto Rico experiences new increases in cases positive for the coronavirus, as well as hospitalizations for this disease. [19659003] “Our ASEM executive director, graduate Jorge E. Matta González informed me, shortly after noon, additional tents began to be installed to attend to cases that may come to us from COVID-19,” he indicated. Vélez Rosado in written statements.

Likewise, the spokesman for the government institution attached to the Health Department reported that at least three patients had to wait today outside the Emergency Room of the Medical Center at that they got him an isolation room.

“I immediately contacted Dr. Carlos ( Charlie Gómez), director of the ASEM Emergency Room, and he confirmed that there were three patients and that one of them was entering him immediately, but for the other two they were looking to accommodate them in isolation rooms ”He stated.

"They informed me, in this specific case, that they could wait, there is no danger and that the most important thing, in these cases, is that the personnel do not get contaminated," he added.

On the other hand, Correctively, Vélez Rosado explained that these situations in the Medical Center are occurring because the surrounding hospitals send positive patients to COVID-19 without prior notice.

"This is what happens when the periphery is not responsible of their cases and they do not inform us in advance what e are COVID patients. It is that the clinical staff of the different peripheral hospitals have to call and not send us cases to surprise us that they are COVID-19 "he said.

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According to Salud, in your morning report today, in Puerto Rico the coronavirus has killed 177 people. Meanwhile, the confirmed cases total 3,272 and the probable ones amount to 7,848, for a total of 11,120. For their part, hospitalizations increased to 302, from the 280 they had reported yesterday.

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