June 12, 2021

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They steal $ 15 thousand in tools and business generators in San Juan

Two illegal appropriations occurred yesterday on De Diego Antigua Avenue and Campo Rico Avenue in San Juan.

The first of them occurred at 9:01 in the morning yesterday at the Efraín López Hidalgo School. According to the injured party, Manuel Morcado, a person appropriated tools and other equipment that were inside a towing car under lock and key. The tools were valued at $ 1,690.

On the other hand, a second illegal appropriation occurred at 4:56 in the afternoon yesterday, at the Marine Pieces Center located on Campo Rico Avenue, San Juan. According to the complainant, José Frías, a person broke the rear gate of the establishment, gaining access to it and taking various tools and electrical generators valued at $ 15,000 dollars.

The cases were referred to the Property Division of the San Juan Criminal Investigation Corps.

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