November 30, 2020

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They submit a project to resolve the issue of abandoned dogs and cats in Salinas

They point out the lack of action of the municipal administration due to the increase in animals in the streets

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SalinasGiven the lack of action by the municipal administration of Salinas to handle the increase in abandoned and homeless animals on the streets, the Municipal Legislator for the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Litzy Alvarado Antonetty, submitted a draft resolution to create the Huellitas de Amor program, which orders the establishment of safe handling and rescue, especially of dogs and cats, in the communities, urbanizations and other residential sectors of the southern town.

According to the resolution presented, in Puerto Rico there is legislation in force for the benefit of our animals, especially for abandoned or homeless animals; as is Law 154-2008, as amended, known as the “Law for the Welfare and Protection of Animals”.

“In recent years, we have seen an increase in abandoned animals in our town, especially horses, dogs and cats. Unfortunately, we have not seen effective or consistent actions on the part of the municipality to manage and rescue these animals from the streets, which has created a safety and health problem for both residents and the animals themselves, ”said Litzy Alvarado.

“I propose to create the Huellitas de Amor program in order to establish the safe handling and rescue especially of dogs and cats, since the issue of horses was fixed in an ordinance presented in July, to which the administration has not given way. These are important issues that cannot fall into inaction or temporary pre-election management, ”he added.

The project proposes that the municipality reach collaborative agreements with non-profit organizations dedicated to animal welfare and establishes an initial allocation of $ 5,000, within the Municipal Office for Emergency Management (OMME), which will be used exclusively for implementation of the program for the safe handling and rescue of abandoned or stranded animals.

“It is important that citizens can help by informing the areas where these abandoned animals are and that the State Office for Animal Control (OECA) is required to fulfill its function of advising and training municipalities to help them develop a effective animal management and rescue program. Veterinarians and veterinary students, who can contribute their services and expertise, should also be included in this effort. This is something that can be done, ”Alvarado said.

Finally, the proposed program includes an educational part for citizens on the responsible treatment of animals.

“As part of the program, the Municipality will offer, through various means of communication and in coordination with non-profit organizations, educational information for citizens on the responsible treatment of animals. The rescue of stray dogs and cats begins in our homes. You have to carry the message that if you can’t have your pet, find a responsible home for it, ”concluded Litzy Alvarado.

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