June 12, 2021

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They take parties to homes for the elderly

The Secretary of the Department of the Family (DF), Orlando López Belmonte, announced the beginning of an initiative that seeks to rejoice the hearts of older adults who reside in long-term care facilities at this Christmas time.

With “Parrandas para mi abuelos” as the effort has been called, hundreds of elderly people who reside in these homes and who for the moment cannot share with their loved ones directly, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will receive a musical gift with Christmas melodies that will surely make you happy.

“It is proven that music is a medicine for the soul par excellence and that thanks to it we can transport our mind to happy moments, even when the circumstances are not the most ideal. For this reason, and because we know that the social distancing required to keep them healthy affects their state of mind, we have organized these parties that we know will cheer their hearts, ”said the official, who incidentally thanked the municipal governments for joining the initiative.

He also highlighted the importance of the agency, in this case through the Licensing Office, working on social projects like this one, which focus on the need of the adult population that served Puerto Rico and that now more than ever deserve our attention, empathy and love. This initiative joins #AbrazoDeAmorEnNavidad with the delivery of Christmas postcards made by minors from the DF Adoption Program, which sends messages of hope to older adults in homes.

“We want the spirit of Christmas to flood these homes and that the joy, love and peace characteristic of this time are manifested in these adults and their caregivers who need it so much,” added López Belmonte after explaining that the effort will not involve physical contact , nor close to the establishment, since the music will be shared through loudspeakers from the outskirts of the establishments to fully comply with the protocols established to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The parties began in the homes of the municipality of Rincón and Caguas. These will continue in Comerío, Moca, Aguada and San Lorenzo. Municipalities wishing to join this initiative are encouraged to contact the Licensing Office of the Department of the Family through this link.

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