May 13, 2021

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They train confined in renewable energy and photovoltaic systems

705 inmates from six correctional complexes will participate

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SAN JUAN – Some 705 inmates from different correctional institutions will participate in the virtual course Renewable Energy: Photovoltaic Systems offered by the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DCR) from April 19 to 30.

“This initiative offers participants an opportunity for self-management and insertion into the world of work, highlighted Ana I. Escobar Pabón, designated secretary of the DCR. In turn, he added that the project is aimed at members of the correctional population who have passed the Basic Electricity and Residential Plumbing courses.

The 20-hour contact course will train participants in the concepts of renewable energy with solar panels and heaters, photovoltaic technology, design and installation of PV systems, home or business installation and basic entrepreneurial skills that make their self-employment viable. The entrepreneurship component includes handling objections in the business world, identifying different ways of marketing services and / or products, among other aspects.

“At DCR we continue to focus on promoting courses, workshops and initiatives that provide inmates with a skill or vocation that allows them to be self-employed once they join the free community. In addition, it is an important step in the rehabilitation process. These efforts keep them busy and help them discover the potential they have to perform in various jobs and professions, ”said Escobar Pabón.

The inmates were selected from the 1072 Detention Center, Zarzal Camp, Women’s Rehabilitation Complex (CRM), Guayama 1000 Institution, Main Ponce Institution and Sabana Hoyos 276 Institution.

The course is virtual, however, the DCR will maintain the established protocols against COVID, although the correctional population is vaccinated in both doses.

This course is part of the Project Training, Alignment and Insertion to the World of Work.

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