May 12, 2021

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They urge to buy from small businesses during the pandemic

Thousands of small businesses closed in the United States due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of them permanently. Those that are still standing urgently need the support of the community to reopen and remain open.

Every small closed business leaves a void that goes beyond an empty showcase. The community loses dollars, jobs and resources that the businesses now closed would have returned to the local economy.

Money spent on a small business does more than just run a store – those dollars circulate in the community, create jobs, and support economic development. A strong small business community also drives home demand and property values.

According to the US Small Business Administration, when $ 100 is spent on a small business, 48 ​​are left in the community. If the same $ 100 is spent at a large store or retail chain, only $ 14 is left. Why? Because local businesses depend on other local businesses.

Kela nabors is the founder and CEO of Organically Bath & Beauty, a San Antonio-based vegan organic skincare store and line. Use a local business for marketing and financial services whenever you can. The cards you put in each gift kit come from another local business: Belle & Union.

“We keep spending local as much as possible,” says Nabors, who also partnered with a local food bank and frequents other small businesses for his personal purchases.

Sure, shopping on Amazon is easy. Is the toilet paper running out? Do you need bulbs? Do you want to treat yourself? With two clicks and almost no need to think, the item you need or want is on your doorstep, often in 48 hours or less.

But buying him a small local business requires more thought. Supporting small businesses is an intentional act, one that mom and dad stores in your neighborhood desperately need the buyer to perform.

Among U.S. business owners who closed during the pandemic and have already reopened, 31% cited customer service as the reason they were able to do so, according to a report published in January 2021 by Facebook and the Small Business Roundtable. , a coalition of organizations that advocate for businesses and entrepreneurs.

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