March 5, 2021

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They wait for news of a woman who disappeared in Rincón after the rise of the ravine

Corner. Marisol Morales Ruiz left her home in the morning hours of Thursday with the intention of carrying out some efforts in the town. But it never came.

Despite the warning from her husband, Luis Torres, that she stay at home due to bad weather, she decided to leave, not knowing that minutes later, a splash of water would drag her down the stream, in the Calvache neighborhood.

Morales Ruiz is missing and the authorities try to find the whereabouts of the 51-year-old woman.

“She left for the mail. I told her the weather was bad, but she ignored me, "said her sad husband, who yesterday arrived at kilometer 0.1 of the PR-411 highway, right on the bridge that passes over the Calvache gorge. [19659005] According to the authorities, the events occurred around 10:41 a.m. yesterday, Thursday. His car, a white Mazda Protegé, was dragged by the body of water over the bridge.

“The vehicle stopped with a tree a little lower and was pulled out of the body of water, but The lady was not found, "said Lt. Orlando Camacho, director of the Aguadilla Region Homicide Division.

The car was photographed by technical police personnel to continue the investigation.

While , the authorities began searching throughout the ravine to try to find the missing person. The heavy rains that were registered in the western zone yesterday hindered the work at first.

The mayor of Rincón, Carlos López, regretted the incident and stressed that the disappeared person belongs to a well-known family in his municipality.

“It is very sad for the entire community. Her husband, Luis, I have known him for many years and they are people that the whole community greatly appreciates. but unfortunately nobody could do anything, "said López.

The municipality of Rincón suffered serious floods as a result of the passage of storm Isaías. The Stella community suffered serious floods and it was necessary to remove some people from their homes.

“There are 12 families that were affected because Stella is under water, as well as various parts of the PR-115 highway. Among those affected, there is a bedridden person that we had to rescue, "said López, who indicated that most of the families were able to relocate to other relatives' houses.

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