June 15, 2021

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They warn about restrictions on travelers | government

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González warned that plans to restrict passenger entry have additional hurdles here: federal regulations and interstate commerce. He mentioned that the federal Justice Department will go to court against the state of Hawaii because the archipelago tries to control its borders due to the coronavirus.

He considered that this is a "very finite legal path".

"The issue of Passenger entry and movement is a matter of interstate commerce, which is a federally regulated area. The governor (Wanda Vázquez) stated that they are evaluating restricting entry and I trust that this will be studied by the local Justice Department. In Hawaii that is being done, the flow has begun to be restricted and the Justice Department has said that it is going to challenge this in the courts, "said the resident commissioner.

" It is up to the Department of Justice to make that assessment and his input to the governor so that, when the decision is made, it can be taken based on what is right in law, "he said.

Vázquez has already given at least two versions of what the next executive order will say: First, it indicated that they would require a negative test to Covid-19 and, in the absence of this, the coronavirus test would be mandatory for all passengers arriving at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport. He then said that this is his opinion and has not specified then what the rule will be from July 1, when a new executive order is supposed to take effect.

The case of Hawaii [19659002] The government of Hawaii has imposed a mandatory 14-day quarantine on all people who come to the state. According to the CNN news network, federal justice described this measure as unconstitutional and discriminatory. Nevada and California residents filed a lawsuit for the state to stop this order and the Department of Justice has already filed a motion in favor of the plaintiffs' approach. In this document, federal Justice argued that the rule imposed in Hawaii since March threatens tourism and the economy.

González also made it known that the subject was discussed at a hearing in the United States Congress, where many states are seeing an upturn in the contagion curve of the Covid-19.

“Congress has been evaluating this proposal to require passengers, before boarding an airline, to have to show a negative certificate (to Covid-19). That is a matter of legislative discussion in Congress, security measures for airlines and cruise ships. What follows is that Congress is going to be taking action on this. There is still no bill, but it was already part of a public hearing two weeks ago, "said the resident commissioner.

She repeated that the alternatives to handle the contagions with the virus are protection and social distancing. [19659002] “Today is the coronavirus and in a couple of months it can be anything else. Our way of living is going to change and we have to change with it. I am one who tests every week because I don't want to expose my family. In the same way, one takes precautions. I use the 'face shield', gloves, mask, I bathe in alcohol, the one in my hands, not the one to drink, "he said.

" What I mean is that we all have to take precautionary measures, but life it has to continue, "he pointed out.

In Puerto Rico, 151 people have died from the coronavirus, according to Health Department numbers until yesterday.

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