June 12, 2021

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They will again seek permission to pay in restaurants with the PAN | government

Governor Pedro Pierluisi assured that he will go to the federal government to question whether the Nutrition Assistance Program Card (PAN) can be used to pay in restaurants. Former Governor Wanda Vázquez has already approved legislation that allowed this request to be made to the federal government.

Speaking today before the Association of Restaurants (ASORE), Pierluisi affirmed that he will request the secretary of the Department of the Family, Dr. Carmen Ana González, to make the question before the United States Department of Agriculture

“I am in record in favor of the restaurant program. At the time of Governor Luis Fortuño, you will remember that this program was applied to Puerto Rico and my impression is that it worked, ”said Pierluisi. “That is why I am inclined to request permission so that it can be implemented again. I admit that since we have a new administration of President Biden and Harris, I instructed the Secretary of the Family to zoom in to see what public policy is. If they favor that program, if it is seen with good eyes, let it be applied in Puerto Rico. If not, I will have to maneuver differently with the resident commissioner (Jenniffer González). I have no objection ”.

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