April 23, 2021

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They will begin to rebuild structures affected by Hurricane María in Ponce

With a total of 75 projects approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the mayor of the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce, María E. Meléndez Altieri announced that in less than two weeks the reconstruction of the city begins after completing the signatures of the contracts that will begin the restoration of the structures or facilities affected by Hurricane María. These first construction works will be completed in approximately 60 days.

The signatures were carried out at the Mayor’s Office with due physical distancing and security measures.

“Thirteen days after Hurricane María is three years old, the reconstruction begins in Ponce, which begins in the communities that were most affected by the passage of this atmospheric phenomenon in 2017. Communities that became the main link with our municipal government to bring aid to more neighbors, “said Meléndez Altieri in written statements.

He added, “with our Ponce Reconstruction Team we are going to visit all the places where the works will begin to explain to the people of Ponce what each Project consists of and where it will be carried out.”

The company Venegas Construction Corporation, of Ponce origin, represented by Emilio Venegas Vilaró, stamped his signature to start the construction works approved by FEMA that are divided into 45 incidents from 18 communities, a library, and 15 identified roads.

These include: the ball park and the roof of the basketball court located in Parcelas Mandry, the Salistral softball park and the basketball courts of Estancias del Laurel, Lomas de Country Club, Valle del Altamira, Machuelo Abajo and Atocha Final. In addition to the basketball courts, ball parks and community centers of La Yuca and Buyones.

Also included are the community centers, the roofs of the basketball courts and ball parks of Quebrada del Agua and Clausells, to the latter community the recreational area is added. The roofs of the basketball courts of Pastillo Tibes; the community center, basketball court and Chago Alvarado recreational area, the Jardines del Caribe III ball park and tennis court, the El Monte tennis court, the Campo Alegre ball park, the Guillermo Jackson Municipal Library and the Luis A. “Wito” Morales Park.

The public roads that will be restored by this construction company are: the Pou, El Pecho, El Cedro, Collado, Burenes, Las Flores, La Vega, La Estancita, Los Blancos, Los Crotos, La Gloria, Tres Palos, Los Fondos, Los Ríos and Masagual.

For its part, the company Villavicencio and Associate Construction Corporation and its president Lisette Villavicencio signed the agreement to begin the restoration of 30 projects that include the park track, recreational area, community center, parking lot, basketball court, tennis court and the ball park in the Constancia urbanization, ball parks and basketball courts in the San Antón, Tiburones and Mercedita neighborhoods.

This company will also work the recreational area and community center of Marueños, the roofs of the basketball courts and the ball parks of Corral Viejo and Llanos del Sur. Also the Quintas de Monserrate tennis court, the recreational area, the basketball court and the Fullana Municipal Police Station. Finally, the Pedro Albizu Passive Park, the Belgian Municipal Police Headquarters and the recreational area and museum of the Bomb Park.

“The reconstruction of Ponce is a fact, our municipality has the largest number of projects required in its region with a total of 203. This is the greatest evidence that we have the confidence of the federal government in the use of the funds provided. There are more projects on the way, I am focused on continuing the reconstruction of Ponce and completing it, ”said the Mayor.

The works of this first stage of reconstruction are part of three auctions that were awarded at a cost of $ 3,090,087.00, will begin on or before September 14 of this year and are estimated to be completed in two months.

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