April 16, 2021

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They will consider separating Forensics from the DSP | government

The Senate could approve a chamber bill that proposes to separate the Bureau of Forensic Sciences (NCF) from the Department of Public Safety (DSP), an agency that was created in 2017 and that still faces difficulties in integrating its seven bureaus.

This was confirmed to EL VOCERO by the president of the Senate Commission on Public Security, Henry Neumann.

Initially, this legislative body had determined to leave the discussion of the House Bill 2075 for later that Governor Wanda Vázquez was included in the convocation of the extraordinary session. However, the warning made by NCF commissioner María Conte – that she would resign if the legislative body did not consider the project – served to stop the decision of the upper house.

“We had the intention of leaving that project for a future occasion because it is a somewhat controversial project in the sense that the separation of Forensic Sciences from the DSP umbrella is a movement that greatly weakens the raison d'être of the umbrella and maximum when there is a bill approved by the Senate – which did not reach the House – that seeks to separate the Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (Nmead) from the security umbrella, "he said.

The also vice president of the Senate said that he spoke with the president of the Senate, Thomas Rivera Schatz about the measure after Conte's statements and that they agreed to approve it before the end of the extraordinary session. "There are some statements from Dr. Conte that if the project is not attended to favorably, she -because of her professional responsibilities- cannot continue in the position and that completely changes the discussion of the subject and makes us react and decide to lower the project next Thursday in the extraordinary session to be discussed and I am sure – after speaking with the majority of the comrades – that we have enough votes to approve it, ”he assured.

You would not risk losing Conte

“We cannot afford to lose Dr. Conte at the moment, who has given a chair on how to carry out work in Forensic Sciences and has eliminated the chaotic situation that existed there before his arrival. We simply cannot afford that luxury and we have to seriously consider her approaches, "he added.

Likewise, Neumann denied that the Senate setback responds to a political move given Conte's good public image for his performance in the NCF.

“I acknowledge that the work Conte has done from experience and I remember the tragedy we are experiencing and desperate people calling our office to streamline processes in Forensics. At no time have I thought about whether it is positive or negative in political terms. I am thinking that the negotiated one works well under the person who has demonstrated to be the correct one ”, indicated.

Meanwhile, the popular senator Aníbal José Torres anticipated that he will vote in favor of the measure of the representative José “Quiquito” Meléndez. “Totally in favor and we said it from the beginning. We knew the invention of creating the DSP would not work and we are telling you from the day they approved it, "he said.

The veteran forensic pathologist denounced in a television program that the internal bureaucracy hinders her work in the business and conditioned her permanence on the Senate approving said measure.

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