August 5, 2021

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They will create an educational program on gender violence aimed at police and municipal officials

As part of government efforts to prevent and eradicate domestic violence in Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced announced today, Wednesday, the signing of Senate bill 1174 that creates a educational and preventive program aimed at police officers and municipal officials who handle these types of incidents.

“We continue with efforts so that all personnel in charge of intervening in possible situations of domestic violence , are duly trained and educated, to sensitively and efficiently identify cases of domestic violence, which due to the nature of their functions they must attend to every day, "said the governor in a written communication.

The proposal is that agents and prominent personnel in the municipal guards have the tools to identify the complexity of domestic violence and its nuances, know how to strengthen the au the victims' esteem and support them in their goal of preserving custody of their children, among many other aspects.

“As we educate our public officials, these will be useful tools in every corner of our country to be agents of prevention, saving the lives of our victims, and therefore, the emotional stability of hundreds of families, "she maintained.

The law establishes that the Women's Ombudsman must carry out all the legal procedures necessary to establish a program of education and training, which must begin immediately.

For the implementation of the provisions of this Law, the Auxiliary Superintendency in Education and Training, known as the Police Academy, shall collaborate with the Office of the Women's Attorney (OPM) in the development and implementation of the education and training curriculum.

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