April 13, 2021

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They will demand better conditions for women | Present

On March 8, International Women’s Day, feminist and human rights organizations will hold demonstrations to demand that the government meet the needs of women, particularly during a pandemic in which they have become the main providers of their families, carrying out more unpaid tasks.

Likewise, they will demand attention to gender violence and demand guarantees of services for transsexual and transgender people, as well as respecting the constitutional separation of Church and State.

The March 8 Coalition, which groups feminist organizations, Lgbttqi +, political, union and human rights groups, announced yesterday in a virtual press conference that they will hold a demonstration that day in front of the Capitol starting at 4:00 pm

“The March 8 Coalition will go out to demonstrate due to the negligent response of the State to the emergency of covid-19, which has represented an increase in the unpaid domestic burdens imposed on women and the worsening of gender violence they face in their homes. “Said Edda López, spokesperson for the organization.

“The March 8 Coalition will protest against the threat of losing acquired rights. Puerto Rico is in an unprecedented crisis and the situation caused by covid-19 has only generated greater vulnerability for women, ”he added.

Among other things, he advocated for a safe return to the classroom.

“When classes resume with so much disorganization and a burden of mismanagement, an exclusive burden is being placed on the women who are going to have to deal with taking care of their young,” said López. “On the other hand, it seems clear to us that there has been no economic development initiative for women who carry various roles, all important and all vital,” she added.

Regarding the PARE Committee created by executive order to address gender violence under a state of emergency, López indicated that they will await its results. She added that she hopes the committee will produce quickly to prevent violence against women from spreading.

“On a personal level I have a lot of mistrust, but it is because we have had a history that supposedly they have treated us, but in the end everything comes to nothing. My greatest concern is that this committee has 12 months to do its work and they do not complete their work and in response the State asks for a postponement, which will imply an extension of that state of emergency that we have been experiencing for several years, “he said.

The organization will carry out a walk on March 6 through the 20 communities of Loíza, organized by Taller Salud, starting at 11:00 am On March 7, the Coordinadora Paz para las Mujeres, Inc. will have a face-to-face market of businesswomen from the mountain from 11:00 am at the Peace for You Center, in Adjuntas.

The March 8 demonstration in the Capitol will be joined by the Feminist Collective in Construction, which will culminate there with a demonstration from Old San Juan.

Melody Fonseca, spokesperson for the March 8 Coalition, assured that the event will have the required distancing to avoid contagion with covid-19, as well as disinfection product stations. The use of a mask will be mandatory, as reported.

It was indicated that the programming will include the presentation of the Plena Combativa group and the Barrileras del 8M, as well as a ‘slut walk’ or combative catwalk.

The speech worries

The women’s coalition expressed concern with what they consider to be a discourse against human rights and with the filing of legislative projects with an agenda that they classify as fundamentalist and conservative. They denounced that there is “an attack against sexual and reproductive health, as well as the rights acquired by feminist movements, women and people from the Lgbttqi + community.”

Marielle de León stressed, for her part, that the same thing happened last four years with measures that sought, for example, to endorse the so-called conversion therapies.

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