March 4, 2021

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They will tutor the children of nurses in Canóvanas

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CANOVANS – The mayor of Canóvanas, Lornna Soto Villanueva, reported this Sunday that public and private school students, children of nursing staff residents of the Municipality of Canóvanas, will be offered the tutoring service and school support free of cost.

“The Municipality of Canóvanas recognizes the hard work and performance of Nursing professionals on the front line of combat in the face of this COVID-19 Pandemic, for this reason we want to give you relief and support in this unusual school season. That is why today I am announcing the first stage to offer tutorials to the sons and daughters of the nursing staff residents of Canóvanas. The tutors assigned for this initiative include employees, retired teachers and a group of young university residents from Canóvanas who have gone through a recruitment process, ”said the Mayor.

The initiative has the endorsement of the president of the Puerto Rico College of Nursing Professionals, Dr. Ana C. García, it was reported in a written statement.

One of the daughters of the Mayor, Paola Mora Soto, who is a teacher and works voluntarily in the Office of the First Ladies of Canóvanas said: “our Office of the First Ladies all year round we are working initiatives for the benefit of youth, mothers single women and the people in general. I love my profession and I will be one of the tutors. My sister Pamela Osorio Soto, will be in charge of recruiting young university volunteers; the retired professor and former regional director of the Department of Education, Carmen Cepeda Ramos, will be recruiting retired teachers and educational supervision, and the director of our office, social worker Nitza Liz Manso Sánchez, will be in charge of programming, body credentials of volunteers and logistics of the initiative. This Tuesday an orientation will begin for a group of children of nurses from the Canóvanas CDT and as they register we will increase the groups. Remember that this is the first stage and soon we will be announcing for another group of essential professionals for this pandemic ”.

“The tutorials will be given in two modalities: initially virtual and then face-to-face from Monday to Thursday. All under strict security protocols. We are waiting for the Government to approve a proposal for this purpose that would help us maximize this initiative, ”said Soto Villanueva.

The Mayor called on retired teachers who wish to volunteer tutoring to contact the Office of the First Lady at 787-256-0922.

Nursing personnel who wish to participate must register via email: [email protected] where they will write the name and surname of the interested student (s), the degree they are studying and the name of the school or college of origin.

“I am grateful for the support of the College of Nursing Professionals of Puerto Rico, especially to the president, Dr. Ana C. García, because from the first moment we presented this idea to her, she welcomed it to benefit her enrollment,” said Lornna Soto during the distribution. shopping in several of the communities.

“In Canóvanas, throughout the year we take care of offering food to the elderly, people with special needs and participants of the Municipal Day Center”, said the Mayor. ¨In addition, we constantly distribute healthy food purchases in the communities together with the Department of the Family. At the same time, in the new Municipal Covid-19 Tracking System, lunches are channeled and delivered to patients with COVID-19 and their families. All these initiatives are part of the efforts we make so that no native of Canova is left without their food, “added the Mayor.

“La India de Canóvanas Cafeteria, a small business located in the urban area of ​​the town, served 500 free lunches. This as part of the new municipal program to help small businesses that have suffered the attacks of the State of Emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic to cook lunches and the Municipality pays them. This initiative aims to distribute 26,000 lunches in a year, which would be added to the lunches that we traditionally deliver. ¨

The Municipality of Canóvanas according to the last census of 2011, has a population of 48,068.

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