June 13, 2021

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This is how the shooting was heard this afternoon in Carolina

An intense shooting that left two municipal policemen wounded by gunshots and a state policeman run over, was captured on camera by citizens who were passing through Baldorioty de Castro at the time the attack began.

A video that circulates the networks shows the moment when the attackers began to shoot at the Embassy Suites hotel and the vehicles in the area began to reverse in a hurry so as not to see themselves in the middle of the bullets.

A police patrol is also seen trying to reach the scene while an agent runs down the avenue.

In another broadcast video, it was recorded from the perspective of a pedestrian who was near the area and who in the images managed to capture the sound of the intense shooting.

So far, Metro sources confirmed that two of the three policemen who were injured died due to the severity of the injuries. These were specified as a municipal and a state agent.

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