June 19, 2021

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This Saturday will have low probability of rain, intense sun and hot conditions

The National Meteorological Service (SNM) forecasted for today, Saturday, hot conditions, intense sun, mostly clear skies and low probability of rain throughout the day.

The meteorologist Carlos Anselmi explained that the relatively dry and stable conditions are the product of a dry air mass that continues to dominate the local area with little presence of dust particles from the Sahara, but that limits the formation of downpours.

"Very few Downpours right now and those that are developing are very light. As the dust is removed from the Sahara, a patch of humidity will arrive and this will produce downpours in the eastern half in the morning hours and in the afternoon the most active part of the rains will be in the west ”anticipated the expert in interview with El Nuevo Día .

He pointed out that the rains in the west have the capacity to be moderate to heavy, with the possibility of thunderstorms, so there is a moderate risk of urban flooding and of small streams for inland sectors and the western quadrant during the afternoon today.

“Those afternoon downpours will occur due to the combination of local effects and the proximity of a trough in Hispaniola. There can also be thunderstorms that could cause urban flooding problems, accumulations of water and even water blows in rivers. Citizens are urged to exercise caution and to remain vigilant, "Anselmi said.

However, by the time the downpour day begins and at maximum temperature it will have reached, by forecast, low 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

“The maximum should be in those records, perhaps in the high 80s to low 90s, but it will be hot. The heat index will even be around 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) "the meteorologist anticipated.

Last week it had hot conditions with maximum temperatures in the 90 degrees Fahrenheit (ºF). In fact, the highest maximum temperature recorded so far in July was yesterday's, reaching 92ºF, which is three degrees above normal for a day like yesterday.

It was also established a record low temperature yesterday at 81ºF. The record represents the hottest minimum temperature in San Juan since 2005.

Meanwhile, Anselmi indicated that maritime conditions are relatively calm with waves less than five feet, but they will become more complicated as they begin. to arrive the effects of a high pressure system to the north of the Atlantic Ocean.

“The high pressure is on the surface of the Atlantic and due to its effects you can expect a choppy sea at times and little by little as we get closer next week the surf will be increasing due to the arrival of two tropical waves, "he said.

Reported, at the time, that there is a risk low marine currents for all beaches except the north coast where the risk of currents is moderate. The eastern coast of the municipality islands Vieques and Culebra are also at moderate risk of marine currents.

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