March 1, 2021

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Those hospitalized by coronavirus increase to 339 | government

The number of hospitalized for Covid-19 increased to 339, an additional 23 compared to yesterday’s figure, according to data shared on the Department of Health portal.

A minor in intensive care since last September 8 remains connected to an artificial respirator. Health has only reported that it is a teenager.

Meanwhile, 58 adult patients are in intensive care and 37 are on a ventilator. Both figures remained unchanged.

The total convalescents from the virus increased to 20,586, representing an additional 344 since yesterday. Salud defines a convalescent as a “person who is recovering from an illness. Gradual recovery of health after illness ”.

On the island there are 2,933 beds for adults, 194 intensive beds and 812 fans available. There are also 906 pediatric beds, 63 intensive care beds, and 115 pediatric ventilators.

On the other hand, there are seven municipalities with a positivity rate of less than 3% in the Covid-19 tests: Cabo Rojo, Aguadilla, Las Marías, Lares, Peñuelas, Salinas and Vieques.

Another 39 municipalities have a positivity rate greater than 10% —three less when compared to yesterday’s figure. These are found mainly in the north and east of the island. Municipalities such as Rincón, Hormigueros, Quebradillas, Guánica and Guayanilla are also included.

The Department of Health today reported eight deaths from Covid-19, 327 confirmed cases and 340 additional probable cases. Now in Puerto Rico, 24,505 confirmed cases, 25,242 probable cases and 673 deaths have been reported.

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