May 11, 2021

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Those hospitalized by Covid-19 increase to 421 | government

The Health Department portal today reflected an increase of 21 in total hospitalizations for coronavirus (Covid-19), bringing the total to 421.

A pediatric patient remains in intensive care due to the virus. At the moment it is only known that he is a teenager, he has been in detention for several days and is stable.

Meanwhile, 69 adults are in intensive care, one less than yesterday. The total number of patients connected to ventilators increased from 56 to 57.

On the other hand, Health detailed that there are 13,541 convalescent patients, an increase of 370 compared to yesterday’s figure. Salud defines a convalescent patient as a “person who is recovering from an illness. Gradual recovery of health after illness.”

The country’s hospital system currently has 3,111 beds for adults, 236 intensive beds, 975 pediatric beds, 63 pediatric intensive beds and 770 ventilators.

Health reported in its most recent daily report 476 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and another 372 probable cases. The total deaths from the virus rose to 512, after adding 12 confirmed fatalities in the past 24 hours.

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