June 13, 2021

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Thousands of transactions conducted in the first week of CESCO Appointments

A total of 23,776 citizens carried out their transactions at the 14 Driver Service Centers (CESCO) between last Monday and this Saturday, in a safe environment and without waiting in line, thus exceeding the expectations of the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) for the first week of the CESCO Appointment system.

The program called CESCO 2.0, is designed to serve citizens by appointment, in a safe environment, free of COVID-19 risks, launched on July 1st so that citizens could make their appointments, and then on Monday the 6th, the public began to get services.

“Definitely, CESCO 2.0 is here to stay,” said DTOP secretary Carlos Contreras Aponte, while assuring that, “This system is not only faster and safer but it finally, for the first time in decades, will be able to provide services without having to wait an entire day in line.”

He said that “after the pandemic passes and we catch up on the renewal of licenses and identifications, we will continue this service system by appointment.”

As explained, from the total of 23,776 citizens who visited the CESCO centers this week, 12,351 did it to renew licenses and identifications, also without waiting in long lines and COVID-19 risk-free.

Currently, anyone who needs service in CESCO must make an appointment through www.cesco.turnospr.com and select the place, date, and time that suits you best, according to availability. In the case of renewals of licenses and identifications, they must also take into account the expiration date of the documents.

Since July 1st, all licenses that expired between January and March 2020 can already request their appointments. On July 15, those that expired in April and May may do so. On August 1, those that expired in June and July, and so on, every 15 days.

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