April 19, 2021

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Thousands of AAA subscribers in the metropolitan area wake up without service due to breakdown

Thousands of subscribers of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) woke up today without drinking water service due to a reported failure in one of the larger diameter lines that supplies raw water to the Sergio Cuevas Bustamante filter plant, located in the municipality of Trujillo Alto.

“In the hours of Sunday night, we identified a leak in one of the lines with the largest diameter that supplies raw water to the Sergio Cuevas filter plant. Personnel were immediately mobilized to make adjustments to the system and keep the filter plant in low production to begin repair work during the early hours of Monday morning, ”explained Roberto W. Martínez Toledo, executive director of the Metro region.

Martínez Toledo added that, while the work is being completed, residents of Hato Rey, Río Piedras, Cupey, Carolina, rural areas of Canóvanas and Trujillo Alto could experience low pressure, even interruption of drinking water service.

“Due to the magnitude and complexity of the breakdown, the repair work could extend until Monday afternoon. Once they have been completed and if no problems arise, the recovery of the drinking water service is expected to begin gradually in the affected sectors tonight. Meanwhile, in the higher and more distant parts of the system, the service is expected to be restored in the early hours of tomorrow, Tuesday ”, added the engineer.

Due to the possibility of turbidity during the process of restoring the service, it is recommended that citizens boil the water for three minutes before consumption.

If more information is needed, customers can contact the Customer Service Telephone Center during their regular business hours by calling (787.620.2482, 1-877-411-2482 (Isla) or (787) 751-8125 for people with hearing problems. They can also stay informed by accessing from their computer or mobile to www.acueductospr.com or by following the acueductospr account on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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