April 11, 2021

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Thousands of claimants will receive retroactive unemployment payments

The Secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources, Carlos J. Rivera Santiago reported the disbursement of $ 176,157,000.00 that will impact about 11,000 claimants who were waiting to receive the retroactive payment of unemployment insurance compensation.

“Around 11 thousand people will be receiving their corresponding payments in the coming days. The contractor informed us that the checks were deposited in the mail on Friday, August 28, so that they should be arriving in the next few days, ”said Rivera Santiago.

These disbursements include citizens who, for the most part, had not received payments for the months of March (18 weeks), April (16 weeks), May (12 weeks), June (8 weeks) and July (4 weeks).

“We want to point out that these citizens will receive a retroactive payment for the weeks that they had not received their compensation, including the $ 600.00 of the pandemic compensation that ended on July 25,” said the Labor minister.

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