July 23, 2021

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Three Colorado Rockies Players Test COVID-19

Denver – Three players from the Colorado Rockies a team active in the National Major League League, have tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a report in the local newspaper "The Denver Post ".

The report indicates that two players were asymptomatic and one showed symptoms.

The newspaper reported that positive tests came last week.

This month, several Rockies players have been taking turns at bat live at his Coors Field, according to The Post.

The news comes when this Tuesday night the Major League Baseball Players Association and Major Leaguers worked out the final details. with a view to starting the 2020 regular season competition suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The agreement states that players must report to training camps before July 1 and play a season of 60 games, starting on July 23 on fields without fans.

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