May 12, 2021

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Three deaths and 2,132 additional cases of covid-19 on the Island | government

The Health Department reported today three additional deaths from covid-19, as well as 2,132 new positive cases between confirmed and probable.

With this, the accumulated figure rises to 225,168 cases and 2,185 deaths, between confirmed and probable, since the pandemic began.

Meanwhile, it was indicated that the total of new infections includes cases with samples taken from March 31 to April 14.


Demographics of deceased:

Bayamón region

• 65-year-old man

• 62-year-old woman

• 50-year-old man


On the other hand, the total number of cases confirmed by molecular testing (PCR) now amounts to 105,758 after adding 750 cases.

Probable cases total 13,178 with 503 new cases.


Meanwhile, 879 suspected cases put the total number of infections by positive serological test at 106,232.

On the other hand, the report reflected 483 hospitalized for covid-19, 22 patients more than in the past 24 hours.

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