May 12, 2021

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“Three pesetas” and 15 other people fall into federal drug operation

Authorities intervene with drug shipment – Gettyimages

In addition, eight of the 16 have firearms charges.

By Metro Puerto Rico

Thursday, April 22, 2021, at 12:26 p.m.

Authorities intervene with drug shipment – Gettyimages

A federal grand jury indicted six counts of conspiracy against 16 defendants with the intention of distributing controlled substances, announced the chief of federal prosecutors in Puerto Rico, W. Stephen Muldrow.

As detailed, this group of people distributed heroin, cocaine, crack and marijuana in the Andrés Méndez Liceaga and Hacienda San Andrés Public Housing projects in the municipality of San Sebastián. Among the 16 defendants, they held roles as leaders, executors, brokers, salespeople, and facilitators. Nine of these are family.

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It is indicated that during the time they were distributing drugs, weapons were distributed to protect themselves, the drugs and their profits.

Eight of the 16 defendants face a firearms possession charge and all face a $ 10 million narcotics forfeiture charge.

The defendants are:

  • Richard Cardona-Valle, a / k / a “Richy / Gremlins”
  • Elvin Pérez-Ortiz, a / k / a “El Menor”
  • Andy Xavier Torres-Negrón, a / k / a “Bebo / Caculo”
  • Luis Javier Maldonado-Rodríguez, a / k / a “Goldo / Goldo FN”
  • Richard Acevedo-Rivera, a / k / a “El Manco”
  • Marcos Cardona-Valle, a / k / a “Marcos / Michael / M”
  • Pedro J. Zaragoza-Colon
  • Liset Ortiz, a / k / a / “Lisy / La Colorá”
  • Joel Vargas-Torres, a / k / a “Joel El Pato / Joy”
  • Raúl M. Vargas-Morales, a / k / a “Raulito”
  • Josué M. Reyes-Vélez, a / k / a “Tres Pesetas”
  • José A. Lamboy-Cardona, a / k / a “Jochy”
  • Elizabeth Cardona-Valle, a / k / a “Lisa”
  • Carlos Y. rosario-Rosado, a / k / a “Onil”
  • Juan Valentín-Cruz, a / k / a “Pipa”
  • Carlos J. Marín-Maldonado, a / k / a “Chino”

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