June 18, 2021

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Tips to ease the stress of fireworks in pets

Photo: Mc Knoell on VisualHunt.com

Puerto Rico – Tonight is the farewell to the year and it is surely a nightmare night for pets, since the noise of the pyrotechnics causes them a lot of fear, stress and anxiety, especially to the puppies.

To alleviate the stress caused by fireworks, the dog trainer, Adnilda González, offered several useful tips in an interview with La Perla del Sur.

First of all, he advises exercising the dogs early in the morning, before the noises start so that they waste their energy and stay calmer when the pyrotechnics begin in full swing.

Second, Adnilda recommends not tethering the dogs and not restricting their movement so that they are free to find a place where they feel safe. Above all, do not leave them outside and unsupervised to prevent them from escaping and getting lost.

Thirdly, it advises to provide and prepare a space inside the house where they feel safe, especially that it is a place where less noise is heard.

Fourth, the canine trainer recommends that -as much as possible- doors and windows be closed at the peak time of the pyrotechnics to reduce the sound as much as possible so that the pets feel less impact and are calmer.

Sixth, for some dogs it might work to give them interactive toys to distract them, but of course it will depend on the level of anxiety and stress of the dog. There are also vests that when putting them on help the dog to feel more secure.

Seventh, Adnilda advises – in consultation with a veterinarian – to give the dog several drops of CBD oil to help reduce his anxiety.

As a last option -for serious cases- some dogs may need medications, but it should always be with your veterinarian’s consultation, since trying to help them will not make the situation worse.

Adnilda clarified that these tips are to help calm the stress of the moment that the noise of pyrotechnics can cause in dogs, but the way to help them stop feeling fear is with training and for this they must work with a specialist in psychology canine.

In the same way, he understands that it is extremely important to remain calm in order to work with the dog and be able to help him, since if his owners lose their calm they will probably upset him more.

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