June 13, 2021

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To begin administering COVID-19 medicine in patient homes

The Puerto Rican company Optima Health announced today that it will begin to administer the drug bamlanivimab to COVID-19 patients directly at home.

The administration of the treatment will also be available in their Infusion Center, located in the Doctor’s Center, in Manatí, where they expect to see 25 patients daily, according to a press release.

“Administering the drug in the homes of patients, instead of a hospital, significantly reduces the risk of contagion to other people,” said Dr. Mariely Díaz, pharmacist and CEO of Optima Health in written statements.

“It is a much more convenient and comfortable option for patients in Puerto Rico, especially for the most vulnerable, such as those who reside in nursing homes and those who have mobility difficulties,” he added.

Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals product is provided by the Department of Health at no cost to the patient and most medical plans cover its administration. It requires an intravenous infusion of one hour and an additional hour for observation purposes after receiving it.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the drug in November. It is aimed at patients who present mild to moderate symptoms at an early stage, as a preventive measure to hospitalization.

“It is important for doctors to know that there is this new alternative for administering bamlanivimab treatment, and that they can include it in their prescription to their COVID-19 patients. Likewise, patients can ask their doctors if they can receive treatment at home, in order to avoid visiting hospitals, ”said Díaz.

For more information about the administration of the drug bamlanivimab, you can call 787-883-5959 and select option 4.

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