June 14, 2021

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Today is dedicated by UNESCO to the subject of Logic

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For the second consecutive year, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNESCO) celebrates January 14 as World Logic Day.

This date It is about highlighting a discipline, logic, which is present in all areas of society, but above all in computing and in information and communication technologies.

In 2020, the UNESCO in association with the International Council of Philosophy and Human Sciences (CIPSH) proclaimed January 14 as World Logic Day. With this they intend to draw the attention of scientific circles, but also the general public, of the importance of logic for practical life.

The date was chosen as a tribute to two great logical thinkers of the 20th century:

  • Kurt Gödel, Austrian mathematician and philosopher who developed the incompleteness theorem and transformed the study of logic in the 20th century. He passed away on January 14, 1978.
  • Alfred Tarski, Polish mathematician and logician who was born on January 14, 1901 and formulated theories that interacted with Gödel’s.

Logic is a part of philosophy that studies the principles of human knowledge and thought. The word “logic” It comes from the Latin “logicus“And from the Greek”logikós” and means relating to reasoning, argument, discussion or reason.

If there is something that defines the human being, it is the ability to think and reason. Logic is an investigation of how human reasoning works.

However, despite being the basis of everything, the general public is not aware of its importance and it is rarely reflected on. The proclamation of World Logic Day aims to bring this discipline to the general public, schools and families.

To achieve the objective of promoting the development of logic in research and teaching, it is intended to support the work of schools, associations, universities and other institutions that are related to logic.

It also wants to improve the public’s knowledge of logic. To reflect on the importance of logic for science and innovation. And ultimately that the value of logic for peace and understanding among peoples be recognized.

Help you too make people aware of logic. In social networks you can use the hashtags #WorldLogicDay #logic #thought #worldlogicday.

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