June 15, 2021

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Today | Last day to file a claim online for the USACE project that proposes to alter a mile of Rincón’s coast

The senator called on the defenders of the beaches and coasts to join

Coastal erosion in Condado, Photo: Supplied

Corner – The senator for the district of Mayagüez and Aguadilla, Ada García Montes, made this Wednesday a call to the defenders of the beaches and coasts to join an urgent request to the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE, for their acronym in English), so that the comment period for the drafting of the Integrated Report of Viability and Environmental Assessment on the coasts of Puerto Rico is extended for 30 days.

The project would involve filling the Condado and Ocean Park beaches with sand, as well as building a breakwater.

The federal entity would place stones along a mile of coastline in Rincón, between the resort of Córcega and the mouth of the Los Ramos creek, García Montes said in a written communication.

“As a native and resident of Rincón, I know first-hand the reality of coastal erosion in the western zone. I have already filed my request as a citizen and as a senator for our district and my call is for everyone to access [email protected] and join the claim. It is important that all interested parties request those additional 30 days, which can be granted if some of us unite in this people’s claim, ”García Montes explained.

The legislator added that additional time is requested to know the details and what options have been considered in the prevailing reality.

According to the Corps of Engineers, both projects seek to protect the properties and infrastructure of San Juan and Rincón from the waves, floods and erosion caused by storms and rising sea levels due to climate change.

The lawyer also highlighted that it was not until December 28, 2020 that “thanks to a report by the Center for Investigative Journalism, the country learned that said environmental document, which consists of 231 pages and published only in English, was available for the evaluation of interested persons. The reality is that this has been a very limited process for ordinary citizens, since its language is highly technical. The important thing is that we have until today Wednesday at midnight to express our opinion, to the internet address that we are publishing ”.

Although the term for citizens to present their comments on the draft of the Integrated Report of Viability and Environmental Assessment on the coasts of Puerto Rico began on Friday, November 20, 2020, “certainly the promotion was insufficient since it did not reach many sectors with interest. We are particularly grateful to Eliván Martínez Mercado from the Center for Investigative Journalism for the report published last week, ”added the legislator.

“During the past few days I have been consulting with specialists and in theory, the plans of the Corps of Engineers would eliminate part of the beaches of Rincón and San Juan to protect structures built in front of the coast, and that definitely has the potential to impact life. and the environment in surrounding and development communities. But before this possibility it is important to request this extension of the analysis time. Hence my urgent call to citizenship ”, concluded García Montes.

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