August 1, 2021

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Today several records are broken by coronavirus on the Island

The coronavirus report issued by the Health Department shows that today, Friday, three records were broken that should cause concern among Puerto Ricans and motivate to reinforce protection measures against this disease, reported the Research Manager of the Public Health Trust of the Science, Technology and Research Trust, Marcos López .

The expert said that this Friday, Health reported 1,114 cases of coronavirus confirmed through a molecular test. He explained that most of these cases correspond to the entire month of October. Only 38 cases were from previous months. This causes that this Friday is the day in which more cases reported.

The previous record was on September 25, when 701 positives were reported to the molecular test. However, López commented that many of the cases were from other months, as there had been “a delay in testing.”

In addition, Puerto Rico today surpassed the figure of 30,000 confirmed positive cases since the pandemic began last March.

“We were expecting that, but not for that long. There are 30,956 confirmed positive cases and also something that many people do not see: today we have 26,253 convalescent cases. Which means that there are 4,703 active cases on the Island ”, he stated.

He indicated that usually cases with coronavirus remain between 2,000 to 3,000 people daily.

When told if these figures should scare citizens, López said that it is about “becoming aware that these cases are from October. It is not scared. It is starting to take more precautions, because without a doubt there are thousands of executive orders that can come out, but those who are contagious are the people ”.

Official figures establish that so far in October 5,082 people have been infected with coronavirus. The month that registered a record of cases was September with 8,956.

With these data, the scientist cannot refer to the existence of a new rebound on the Island.

“I think there are more laboratories that are doing more tests, because some small laboratories entered doing tests. That part is important, ”he said.

Other data that the researcher highlighted is that the statistics suggest that the municipalities with the most confirmed positive cases per capita are “Naguabo and then followed by Dorado, San Juan, Carolina and then Trujillo Alto and San Lorenzo.”

He said, however, that Naguabo has no deaths this month and that most of those infected are under 60 years of age, which is the population with the highest risk.

So far in the pandemic, 791 deaths have accumulated. Some 85 deaths have been registered so far in October, Lopez said.

September was the month with the most deaths reported with 234.

According to the per capita estimate, the municipality in which the most deaths have been registered is Lares with 8.2%, followed by Toa Baja and Aguas Buenas with 8.1%, Trujillo Alto with 7.9% and Naranjito with 7.3%.

López highlighted that San Juan has 5.7 deaths per capita.

In summary, the scientist pointed out that statistics show that the greatest contagion occurs between relatives. For this reason, he noted that “COVID is undermining our family privacy.”

He asked people to use the masks “when we visit our grandparents and visit our relatives.”

In addition, he asked that his guard not be lowered at work.

“What is indicated is that this has already become a situation in which we, personally, have to take action. Executive orders can open the entire country, but if we go to a restaurant and it is not in compliance, our decision must be whether to leave or stay, “he said.

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