June 15, 2021

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Today's quake breaks another family story

Lajas. The new earthquake of magnitude 4.9 registered this morning in the La Parguera area in Lajas collapsed what little was left of the home of Migdalia Román Vargas known as “Yayi”, in the Maguayo community of this municipality. [19659002] Although her family was in a cousin's residence when the shaking happened, since the structure was declared uninhabitable since the January 7 earthquake, the woman ran to see the place where she wove a story that began 30 years ago.

“Today my house completely collapsed, because on January 7 the socos collapsed. It makes me sad, because it can be said that it was there that I was able to finish raising my son. (There are) many memories ”the 66-year-old female told Primera Hora.

“ I like this here because they are my family, ”she confessed while carefully observing the damage caused by the tremor in the little house she lived with. her husband, Vidal González, and their only son. However, Román Vargas will not be able to rebuild the humble wooden structure since he lived under rent and, according to what he said, the owner is “imprisoned in the United States.”

This is how the structure was after the earthmoving this morning. (Jorge Ramírez)

“If the house had been mine, I would have raised it, because seven times I fall and seven times I rise. At least they gave me a roof to live on. They gave me for an apartment in Parque Real II in Lajas and I'm not living there because the water is missing. I went to Section 8 and they gave me help, but I didn't get the house and, well, they finally gave me for the apartment, "he said.

" But I feel sad. It makes me want to scream sometimes "he lamented.

Meanwhile, his neighbors did not come out of amazement when they saw the house, practically, on the floor and also because of the fright they experienced when the new tremor registered near of 9:54 this morning.

“I was in the kitchen, I was making white rice and softening a veal, and I felt like thunder and my grandchildren said 'the' Yayi 'house fell, and I I went up the back staircase and told the kids not to go to the front because of the posts and cables and I stayed down there, ”said Milagros Flores, who has lived in that community for decades. [19659002] “I was nervous and thought it was the coming of the Lord. But 'Yayi' I miss, she was my neighbor of all life, "said Flores, 68.

Mayor concerned about the aftershocks

For his part, the mayor Marcos" Turin "Irizarry, maintained that Today's earthquake event was the most momentous after the January earthquake.

“This house had been evicted and I was able to get you a home, but there are more residences here and you can see the power of an earthquake and what it could have happened, but thank God there were no losses to regret, but we are very concerned, because it was strong, "he said.

The municipal executive was concerned about the aftershocks originating in the La Parguera area, especially the residents, fishermen and visitors who will arrive this weekend to enjoy the July 4 holiday.

“We are doing inspection in all areas because La Parguera includes other sectors on the coast that are fishing areas and we are well committed with them , but this affects fishing, especially when there are these events, even if it is not a tsunami there are movements in the water that fishermen fear and this can cause them to stay at home these days, which is their own and not go fishing, "he revealed.

" We will be in continuous vigilance, we have the established plan, both that of the Police and that of Emergency Management. The streets of La Parguera are duly identified for evictions, which is the main thing that worries us and we hope that we do not have to do any more, ”added Irizarry, highlighting that the area has 700 residents, and the tourist area has 90% hotel occupancy.

“But all the hotels, all the 'guest houses' have up to 75% following the code established by the government due to the pandemic situation. I hope that many have not left because they have become afraid ", he concluded

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