May 14, 2021

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Towns around the Guanajibo River continue under flood warning

The intense rains that tropical storm Isaías left yesterday as it passed through southern Puerto Rico caused the rise of the Guanajibo River in western Puerto Rico and today the cause of this body of water continues at a level dangerous.

The National Weather Service (SNM) in San Juan indicated that Cabo Rojo, hormigueros and Mayagüez will be under flood warning until 8:45 pm today.

“At 8:38 am River sensors indicate that the Guanajibo River continues outside its banks in the moderate flood stage. This will result in flooding of low areas adjacent to the river, "said the SNM.

The agency urged citizens not to cross flooded roads. “A flood warning means that floods are imminent or are occurring. All interested parties should take the necessary precautions immediately, "they add.

If precipitation occurs in the area this afternoon, flooding will occur suddenly.

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