November 30, 2020

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Travelers arriving in Puerto Rico must bring negative proof of COVID-19 provides Fast Private & Affordable Lab Testing  

Given the growing wave of COVID-19 cases in the United States and other countries, Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced announced this Tuesday that travelers arriving in Puerto Rico at any of the airports will have to wear a mask and bring proof refusal of COVID-19 carried out 72 hours before arriving on the island.


In the event that a passenger does not have the test result on hand, they will have to keep a mandatory 14-day quarantine and perform a molecular test of the virus in a laboratory in the country. If the molecular test result is negative, you may be released from quarantine.

The National Guard will continue to conduct voluntary screening of passengers, so those who do not bring a negative COVID-19 test result may be tested. serological at airports. If the result of this non-confirmatory examination is negative, the person must still keep a 14-day quarantine. If the result is positive, the passenger will undergo a molecular test at the same airport.

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According to the first executive, the new norms will take effect from 15 July.

It was also reported that the Ponce and Aguadilla airports will not resume commercial flight operations until further notice.

The first executive’s statements occurred at the JetBlue airline terminal at Luis Muñoz International Airport Marín and you can follow the live broadcast on

Until now, travelers who arrive in Puerto Rico have the option of taking the COVID-19 test voluntarily, but in case the exam has a positive result, the person must remain in quarantine for 14 days.

El Nuevo Día reported last Saturday that the medical “task force” that advises Vázquez Garced warned that the focus of contagion from coronaviru s on the island is located mainly at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport.

For example, the Director of the Department of Surgery of the Medical Sciences Campus (RCM) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), William Méndez, acknowledged that the government has so far failed to have effective control at the country’s main air entrance.

The doctor indicated that the advisory group favors Puerto Rico to adopt measures similar to those of Hawaii, where since August 1 A negative COVID-19 test will be required of all travelers. In the event that a person who does not have it, must remain in compulsory quarantine for 14 days.

According to data from the Department of Health, Puerto Rico today totals 1,693 confirmed positive cases, 5,772 probable positive cases and 153 deaths from the virus.

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