January 17, 2021

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Treasury begins sending senior credit | government

The Department of the Treasury began sending more than $ 10 million in loans to low-income seniors and pensioners who filed Form 481.1 electronically for the first time, through the Unified Internal Revenue System (SURI). [19659002] This first disbursement of $ 10,642,519 corresponds to 43,068 payrolls received since the first week of July, when the process began.

"As part of our commitment to pensioners and senior citizens, we continue working so that they can obtain The benefits they deserve and deserve. We recently signed the law that provides free access to specialists under the 'Assistance Program for Persons 65 Years of Age or Low Income', which allows them greater access to these professionals to help them request these refundable tax credits, "said the first executive, Wanda Vázquez.

For his part, the secretary of the Department of the Treasury Francisco Parés Alicea noted: "We are very satisfied with the reaction we have received from the 'seniors' and pensioners to the change to the electronic filing of Form 481.1, to claim the credits of $ 200 and $ 300, respectively."

Parés Alicea highlighted that it is the first time that the Department processes and pays the first payroll of these credits in less than a month.

“The digitization of the process has worked in favor of citizens and has streamlined and improved our services. On this occasion, the threat of the contagion of the Covid-19 and the Executive Order of the governor to maintain physical distance, accelerated the changes and we are grateful that they have assimilated them positively, "he added.

The official also stated that electronic filing It has allowed the Department to comply with the provisions of Law 40-2020, to issue the payments of both credits in a period not exceeding 30 days, for the benefit of citizens.

The deadline to file Form 481.1, with the required evidence, it is October 14, 2020. Those who meet the requirements may use the services of Tax-Certified Specialists for Tax Returns, available free of charge on page www.hacienda.pr.gov section Senior Payroll. They will also be able to claim their credit, opening an account in SURI or accessing Suri's main page directly to the option Payroll: File Taxpayer Senior Credit (2019) Taxpayer, without the need to open an account.

“We recommend that citizens comply with the requirements, use the free services of the Payroll Specialists, available through the following link: http://www.hacienda.pr.gov/sites/default/files/specialist_internet_report_2-20-2020.pdf . This service will only be provided by Specialists with their current registration in the Department and citizens should not pay for it, since these will be reimbursed with monies assigned from the Coronavirus Relief Fund, "added Parés Alicea.

Instructions for the options available are included in the Internal Revenue Circular Letter 20-32 ( http://hacienda.pr.gov/publicaciones/carta-circular-de-rentas-internas-num-20-32-cc-ri -20-32 ). For additional information, you can send a message through your SURI account or the link "Assistance with your access" through suri.hacienda.pr.gov .

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