April 11, 2021

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Tropical storm Isaias closings and suspensions

Various institutions announce measures taken as a contingency plan at a time when Puerto Rico is faced with a tropical storm warning, which will bring an average of between three to six inches of rain, and with isolated events of 10 inches. [19659002] Caribbean Veterans Health System

Due to the heavy rains and floods caused by Tropical Storm Isaías in Puerto Rico and the American Virgin Islands, the Caribbean Veterans Health System (VACHS) announces which cancels its outpatient clinic operations on Thursday, July 30, 2020 at the Veterans Hospital in San Juan and all its outpatient clinics based in the communities of Arecibo, Ceiba, Comerio, Guayama, Mayagüez, Ponce, Utuado, Vieques, including the clinics in San Tomas and Santa Cruz.

It was reported that affected appointments will be rescheduled.


As a security measure and concerned for the well-being of all its associates and customers. T-Mobile has notified that all T-Mobile and Sprint locations, including its Regional Offices, will remain closed today, Thursday, July 30. Operations are expected to resume at regular hours this Friday, July 31, as weather conditions permit.

T-Mobile reported that it has been preparing for hurricane season for months with its network support system and the development of plans that will allow you to quickly mobilize to respond and help your clients and communities.

More information, on the website www.t-mobilepr.com Twitter @tmobilepr or Facebook www.facebook.com/T-MobilePuertoRico .

Dialysis Center Atlantis Health Care Group

The center activated from yesterday its emergency contingency plan in the face of the passage of a strong atmospheric phenomenon in the region. He also announced that all facilities will be closed today Thursday, so all coordinated appointments for new dates have been repaid.

Full details and recommendations for kidney patients in the press release. You can contact me at 787-319-1415 to answer any questions.

University of Puerto Rico

Before the tropical storm warning for the island, issued by the National Hurricane Center, the president of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Dr. Jorge Haddock, decreed an indefinite academic and administrative recess effective as of Wednesday, July 29, at 6:00 am

From Likewise, he reported that all services that were scheduled for Thursday, July 30 at the Clinic of the School of Medicine, at the Imaging Center of the School of Medicine, Adult Psychiatry and Children’s Psychiatry of the School of Medicine of the Medical Sciences Campus (RCM) have been canceled . Therefore, citizens are urged to remain vigilant in the institutional media and the press, where information on the resumption of services and work will be updated.

Universidad Albizu

The entire university community was informed of the activation of its emergency plans in response to the tropical storm warning that was issued for all of Puerto Rico, for which an institutional closure has been decreed as of midday on Wednesday, July 29, 2020.

The institutional closure applies to the Central Administration Offices, the San Juan Campus and the Mayagüez University Center, the Support Program for Victims of Sexual Abuse (PAF) and the Third Mission Institute.

“From the institutional closure, we instruct all the personnel of the Albizu University to recess the face-to-face and remote work, and to take all security measures to safeguard their well-being in the face of this cyclonic threat, “explained the Pres Idente from the University, Dr. José Pons Madera. The resumption of work will be reported once the emergency is over and the corresponding operational evaluation is made. Those members of the university community who need information on operations can contact the following numbers: 787-993-3890 (university community) or 787-993-3895 (employees).

Pontificia Universidad Católica

Before the tropical storm warning issued by the National Hurricane Center due to the development of an atmospheric cyclone, the president of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, Dr. Jorge Iván Vélez Arocho decreed administrative and academic recess as of Wednesday at 12:00 noon in the Ponce, Mayagüez and Arecibo precincts.

The President stressed that, if the weather conditions allow it, the work will be They will resume regular hours on Friday, July 31, 2020. In the case of the Physical Plant employees, Vélez Arocho reported that, as indicated yesterday, they will complete their tasks regularly today, in such a way that they work with the preparations of the campus.

“Now more than ever, the physical and emotional security of our community is essential. My call again is to prepare ourselves for the passage of this cyclone and to remain calm in such difficult times for the country. La Católica The Emergency Committee has already activated and we are very attentive to the development and trajectory of this system, “said Vélez Arocho.

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