June 13, 2021

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A downpour could alleviate drought | PRESENT

The probabilities that a downpour will develop at the beginning of this week, as well as the arrival of a tropical wave for next Thursday, could alleviate the deficit of about 10 inches that affect the Carraízo reservoir, as reported by the meteorologist of the Service National Meteorology (SNM), Gabriel Lojero.

However, he also recognized that the expected precipitation would not completely eliminate the aridity problem on the Island.

He explained that the long-awaited rain would be to correct the droughts in the interior of the east area, where the towns of Caguas, San Lorenzo, Gurabo, Las Piedras, Juncos are located; where the rivers and tributaries that flow to the Carraízo reservoir can supply the necessary runoff and avoid interruption of drinking water service in different municipalities.

“It takes two to three inches for the necessary runoff to begin reaching the reservoir Carraízo. To reach an optimal level in the reservoirs we need very significant rain events for several days in a row. We have been experiencing this pattern of drought since April, “said Lojero in an interview with EL VOCERO.

He also pointed out that the rains registered between last Wednesday and Friday helped soften the drops. newspapers that were reflected in the Carraízo reservoir from 10 to 13 centimeters, but still, were far from the goal.

The probabilities improve

The meteorologist explained that compared to last week there is a better chance of rain for the eastern area.

“There is good news for this week; the activity of rains will increase with the arrival of a trough from tomorrow (today) until Thursday. And by Thursday, it is expected that a tropical wave will bring widespread rains to that same area, “he said.

The Carraízo reservoir is the main provider of drinking water in the metropolitan area and it is feared that if it continues with little rainfall, they will be implemented service suspensions of the Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA).

Droughts around the Island have also affected the municipalities of Canóvanas and Loíza, where on June 20, the AAA implemented a plan to interrupt the service of drinking water for eight hours a day, after reflecting a drop in the flows of the Canóvanas and Canovanillas rivers.

So far, the pattern of water decrease in dams has been repeated throughout the Island, except in Caonillas, in Utuado, which until Sunday reflected optimum levels.

Given this, the AAA has reiterated its call to make prudent use of drinking water. EL VOCERO tried to contact an officer of this agency to obtain more information, but they did not answer the calls.

According to statistics from the United States Drought Monitor, the estimated population in drought zones in Puerto Rico reaches 2,621,818.

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