August 1, 2021

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Trump-Pence campaign turns to Miami for Hispanics and against socialism


MIAMI – The Donald Trump-Mike Pence tandem landed this Thursday in Miami, each with their own agenda but the same objective: to conquer the Hispanic vote in Florida with an antisocialist message, a state that may be the key to not leaving the White House in January and that he has already voted massively by mail.

From early on, the presence of “Trumpistas” has been evident in the city with vehicles carrying the American flag, boats with Trump-Pence banners in Biscayne Bay and blondes dressed in red and white taking photos in front of the Pérez Art Museum Miami. in which Trump closed the day today with a council in charge of the NBC network.

The courtship of the day in Florida has been to various blocks: Hispanics, mainly, with a record of 2.4 million registered voters in the “Sunshine State”, but also evangelicals and Jews.

To a Trump recovered from covid-19, Vice President Mike Pence was advanced today in the territory of Cuban exile to reinforce his message against socialism, which is very popular among Cubans and Venezuelans.

His son Eric also signed up, with a push to the evangelical vote in the Segators of Life megachurch, in Southwest Ranches, an area bordering the city of Weston, in Broward County and with a large population of Venezuelans.

Eric Trump has also echoed a flotilla of boats that left the city of North Miami in support of the Republican’s reelection and that have become very popular during the weekends in Florida, especially in Palm Beach, where the family Presidential has the Mar-a-Lago club.

However, some boats that reached the city of Miami, further south, the party was spoiled with one of Biden’s campaign with the sign: “Trump lied: 215,000 died”, referring to those killed during the pandemic, 15,000 of them in Florida.

The president “lied to the American people about the threat of the virus, has tried to pretend that the pandemic does not exist, refused to make a plan and continues to endanger the safety of the people,” Biden’s campaign in Florida stressed today.

Trump was asked especially about the pandemic at the meeting organized by NBC, where many of the participants were Hispanics concerned about their handling of covid-19 and the replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), approved during the Government of Barack Obama (2009-2017).

The president also referred to Deferred Action (DACA), the program created by Obama to temporarily legalize young people brought in as children by their undocumented parents and that his Administration has sought to eliminate since the beginning of his term.

When asked about the impossibility under his government to make more registrations to DACA, the Republican blamed the pandemic without offering more details.

In the surroundings of the Pérez Art Museum Miami, in addition to the police siege and the blockade by the authorities of a highway that connects the cities of Miami and Miami Beach, there were also groups of protesters in favor and against Trump, some with “Vote the clown” messages.

Today’s meeting with Trump in Florida and Biden in Philadelphia, both in town hall on different networks, but at the same prime time of the night, replaced the second presidential debate scheduled for today a few steps from where this was presented. Trump night in Miami.


Pence’s promise was very clear yesterday after noon: four more years to maintain sanctions against the governments of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Just as Trump has proclaimed in Miami that the United States can become the next Venezuela, with Biden’s supposed socialism, which the Democrat has denied, Pence today carried the same warning to Cubans in a Miami monument that remembers the victims 60 years of the Castro dictatorship.

At the rally held before some 200 people at the Cuban Memorial in Tamiami Park, Pence recalled Trump’s promise not to remove the sanctions imposed on Cuba “until freedom is restored” and political prisoners are released.

After the rally closed before an audience of Cubans, Colombians and Venezuelans, among others, Pence went to a hotel in the city of Doral to lead the round table “Faith in the United States” with Jewish leaders and later met with Trump in a private fundraising event.


Trump and Biden’s virtual tie in opinion polls in Florida, a coveted state with 29 of the 270 electoral votes required to reach the White House, keeps them in Florida.

Trump has been to Florida four times since last September 24 and plans a new visit this Friday to the cities of Ocala and Fort Myers, in central Florida. Biden for his part has been to Florida three times since the 15th of that month.

Both have been in search of blocks of voters, whether they are Hispanics in general, Cubans, Venezuelans, and Puerto Ricans; evangelicals or seniors, among others.

The conquest of the vote of some 2.4 million Hispanics registered to vote in Florida, which as of Monday opens early voting, is not in vain in such a close state.

With more than 350,000 Latinos registered this year, these immigrants now make up 17% of Florida’s total electoral roll, out of a total of about 14 million as of last August.

In addition, 19 days before the presidential elections on November 3, Florida already exceeded 2 million votes by mail today (2,092,131), mostly Democrats (1,043,514), followed by Republicans (623,395), independents (401,184) and other minor parties (24,038).

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